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Friday, May 29, 2009

One big blessing!

I started yesterday off, like any other day, reading my emails.

I came across an email from a gal I know through our online adoption community wanting to donate to help bring Elijah home.

Well let me tell you how this started from her kind donation to being what I call a God shot all the way!

You see she is fund raising for a mission trip to South Africa and she is taking her daughter, who believes she is to help the orphans. Her daughter is also from China and only 6. How sweet is that!

How sweet and kind (ok, it's so much more than that) that she felt led to donate to us. Well she emailed again to say that when she got to work, she had received an anonymous donation for the same amount she donated to us! I absolutely love how she said it. "Just like Jesus." Boy oh boy is she right!

I am still in awe how God blessed both of us yesterday, today and always. Thank you God!!

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