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Monday, June 29, 2009

We are blessed!

We had our spaghetti fundraiser dinner this past weekend and not only were we blessed with folks that came to our dinner but we were also blessed beyond measure with donations!

Then on Saturday we went to our friends that had a yard sale and we brought some things to sell, we even had a bake sale. Well they donated their entire funds they raised from the yard sale to us! Again, blessed beyond measure!

So with the wonderful weekend we had we are even closer now to our goal. We still need, $3,700.

I also wanted to say that we still have some items left from our on-line yard sale and I have reduced the prices, so please take a look.

The Koolzees are really cool, no pun intended. :) This really is a great way to stay cool during this time now that it's getting hot! These are hand made by Elijah's papa and we will be taking one for all of us when we go to China.

Thanks for taking a look and happy shopping!

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