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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gotcha Day Video

Sorry I couldn't post here while we were in China, but Blogspot was blocked.

Click here to read about our trip in China.

This will be my last post here as I'll be posting to his sister's blog so I can just make one update instead of two.

So we finally made it home on Friday July 31st and just trying to get back to our daily routine. Things are going well with both the transition and sleeping, with Elijah that is. Camie is like her momma, can't sleep, up at all hours.

I've put together the above video of Gotcha Day as well as his finding spot and pictures of China during our trip.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Just gives me chills all over! What a wonderful gift that you have recieved. It so makes me want to do the adoption thing all over again. He is so precious! God bless you always. Thank you for letting me follow along.

Sherri and Todd said...

sorry blogger wasn't working in China that really bits. Great video and thanks for sharing. I will follow you on your daughters blog.


God's Grace said...

Cathy that is awesome! I love the end where he is runing in and out of the room, Too Cute! We pray your lives are so much fun ! Of course they will be:-) God Bless, Terry

Annie said...

Love the video, Cathy!! So happy that you all are home and doing so well:)

Lindsey's mom said...

I have been behind on my blogs since starting back to work. What a great video! So many familiar sites! I saw Jack Chaing? (cant recall the name for sure) in one of the shots! Such a nice guy! Elijah is cute and you did a great job!!!